Heart Circle Consulting

The Heart Circle Mission is to Facilitate Unity.

This is accomplished by promoting the spread of Peace Work® under its own or any other name.

Peace Work is a remarkably transformative community-building adventure, modeled after the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP).

The Alternatives to Violence involves circle-based group activity, comfortably involving up to 25 folks, that engages, transforms and co-creates what Martin Luther King, Jr. (a Godfather of the miracle) calls: “Beloved Community.”

Created in response to the Attica (prison) uprising by people incarcerated in prisons, Quakers & Civil Rights Leaders,

AVP is constructed of a wide range of interactive activities arranged in specific ways to affirm, foster interpersonal skills, share power, build trust, encourage play: invite the life experience and wisdom of each participant forward… which ultimately facilitates a deeply bonded community!

The foundational concept of “Transforming Power,” something we all define for ourselves, opens us to the idea that power is always available, to transform a moment, a dynamic… or an undervalued a life.

Peace Work

Peace Work

"Peace Work" and Related Workshops, Trainings and Activities, Facilitate what Martin Luther King Jr. Termed: "Beloved Community" What is Peace ...
AVP Alternative To Violence Project

AVP: Alternatives To Violence Project

Alternatives to Violence Project is an engaging and transformational community building process created in response to the Attica (prison) uprising ...

13 thoughts on “Heart Circle Consulting

  1. Noelle,
    I enjoyed our chat. This is a spectacular website. I’ll look forward to meeting your friends at tomorrow’s potluck.
    Jim (“Jolly Jim” in AVP speak)

    1. I enjoyed it too! I’m delighted to have another AVP pal close by! The woes on the planet are done for, as we all unite! Love!

  2. reading your handwritten note. it mentioned a website, so I went prowling to find it. found that amy coleman still lists you as her oldest friend. that’s terrific. and that snoogy and mandy are friends on your facebook site. who knew you had a facebook site. but it’s 2:22 am, and i must go make dinner. and i’m only a few pages into your letter. oi.
    love–the maniacal monster in brooklyn

  3. Noelle,

    I am glad I have had the oppurtunity to learn from you, witness all the unique strengths you possess, and be touched by your amazing personality. Your temperment alone is exetremly pleasant and therauputic, not to mention all your experience, skills, and professional abilities. You have been a gift for me to work with, and hopefully other individuals and oraganizations will have the oppurtunity to experience that same gift.

    Matthew Petitte

    1. Thank you Matthew! The machine gods smiled on me so I got your wonderful comment up and shining! I love you, too! You are a treasure on feet!

  4. Noelle has been a different and unusual person since i met her. It took a while for me to get used to not getting my way because Noelle is strong. Now, after more than 10 years of friendship i can truly say that she is one of the most loving, caring, and good hearted people i ever met !
    If you ever want to work with and learn from an awesome person, you have found her in Noelle.

  5. Dear Noelle, I very much appreciate the peace-building skills you foster through your HeartCircleConsulting. We are very convergent in our emphases, as you will see from my recent book, Global Unitive Healing. Now the question for me is how to adapt these skills and the powerful AVP approach to a global scene of deepening escalation which urgently needs a massive intervention from thoughtful citizens and communities to stop the finger-pointing and begin to explore a gradual path to justice that can unite and heal.

    1. Thank you for writing!

      I meant to approve your post (see below) on the Heart Circle website, and haven’t got the bandwidth to find the password at the moment.

      I’d love to explore this via a phone or Zoom, etc. Things I’m currently engaged with may or may not resonate for you, but if not me, I might be able to point you in an appropriate direction. 

      This AVP format IS miraculous and part of the unfolding of a lovely new world, I am 100% certain. It’s already facilitating it all over the planet. And the notion that there are may be thousands or even tens of thousands of well trained facilitator “awakening cells” all over the globe 🌍 thrills me LARGE!!!

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