River Treasure

River Treasure

I ask what to write to best serve those who find their way to these words (and myself)

River Treasure

Thank you, dear U(nicorn),
…for motivating this search inside me! I seem to be at my best when I’m tuning deep within and asking – which I do much of the time now; otherwise I can find myself on brain adrenaline and the “high” is much different. One is peaceful and comes with a sense of fullness and knowing… the other is anxious and hurried and hungry for something it never finds.

This “deep” place within seems to be a common source of healing for people in “recovery” (or better yet: “uncovery!”) It’s like a shared River that runs below the surface-selves we think are our whole identities. Gifts of insight, often in metaphor, bubble up inside us from its depths… also answers that heal us and lead us into service of the Whole.

This “River” is where we are all connected, and somehow feel it. We find we know things in common, too, because it speaks a Universal language (explore information about the mental health Recovery Movement and see!) which, when we hear it, brings a sense of “Aha!” or “I know that’s True!” and it feels terrific! By some, it is identified as “God” or “God Consciousness,” and by others, in entirely different terms… “I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright. Echkart Tolle calls it “Being.” Plenty of atheists find their way to the River! (It’s my belief we all do, eventually!)

This is mighty lofty stuff, and may be quite meaningless in the face of any LARGE DRAMAS that take up your life when the emotional energies are in tsunami-mode… yet even to know the River exists, may be helpful. And somewhere within us, (I believe) we all already know. If any part of you “gets this,” it’s that part that the spiritual material I love most, insists IS the real (and already healthy) YOU!

Today some wonderful things bubbled up from the River. I woke in an energy state that could, very easily, have led to hospitalization 15 years ago. Now I have the skills and tools to navigate BIG energy (knock on wood, I don’t wanna get too cocky here!) Which seems to mean that sometimes gifts come to… and ideally through… me! (Soon I intend to write about some of those energy skills and tools!)

I was inspired to read a piece of my old writing. These first few lines ended up feeling like the most meaningful part of the entire screenplay:

The screen is black. Large digital print spells out J E R U S E L U M. Music begins to play softly (Love is a Stranger), as the camera backs away, revealing that the darkness is the pupil of an eye.

When I read this I got a huge rush. Something so obvious and apparent… “…the darkness is the pupil of an eye.” A Course in Miracles (and subsequent books from the same Source) as well as many other spiritual traditions, caution us to “see beyond what the body’s eyes see… “ [See attached handout from the Upanishads]. We are not, they insist, our bodies! The body symbolizes something else. And just look at the body’s eyes! No matter what race, creed or color we are, no matter what gender, no matter our belief system, our politics, how rich or poor… or even enlightened! We all have, except in the rarest of physical circumstances, a little black dot in the center of our eyes! (Do all mammals have pupils? I’d really like to know, so if you do, please reply!) So, symbolically speaking, what might it mean that: “…the darkness is the pupil of an eye?”

What occurred to me first was that every one of us has something we can’t see that’s even closer than “right in front of our eyes!” It’s built in! Therefore we need each other because I can see your pupils (or the things that are in darkness to you), and you can see mine!

I went in my bathroom and looked in the mirror at my pupils. What’s in there? Reflections of my self – tiny and in the darkness. I turned on the light, to get a better look, and… it appeared that I hid! I hunkered right down in those big, brown iris “comforters” and hid. “Darkness abhors the light,” say some spiritual teachings… Well so do pupils, along with the tiny me in their reflection.

When someone gives me the gift of information about my “blind spots” it often hurts. In the same way the pupil reacts to light, I react when the light shines on my… “GAME”… My bull sh*t! My little lies (the ones I tell others, as well as myself), my trying to control – change – fix people or situations, my selfishness, my manipulations, my arrogance, my dishonesty in the quest to be Christ-like and “good,” when my real feelings may be anything but!, etc. (I can’t tell you them all because I still have pupils!)

I may have received this gift from the River because I’ve been courting information about my blind spots lately…even though it hurts… and even though, when that light goes on, I want to hide, just like my pupils do. For me, inviting the light of my awareness to shine on my “less-evolved areas” releases very old, very BIG energy and I become free.

A great byproduct of this path is that as I release the energy, I become better at sharing other people’s “blind spot” behaviors with them… Since I’m not so charged about my own behavior, I’m less charged about theirs, so they don’t feel as judged when I say things.

One more piece of the metaphor is this: Notice how small, in relation to the rest of the body, the pupil is! How much do you think it weighs? Is it even an object, or more of a trick of light? I played hooky that year, but I bet it’s a black hole! And we often make that tiny dark spot color everything! It becomes the whole truth of ourselves and the whole truth of those we perceive through our judgmental eyes! It’s just like holding a pinky in front of our eye and then saying there is no sun! Ain’t that cool!!!???

What River treasure has washed up on your shores?

And if you don’t think there’s any, breathe deeply a few times and ask.

Something may come to you – a memory or something brand new!

And if not today… it will tomorrow!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share me and learn you! Love!


As previously mentioned these are the Essentials on my Journey:


1) Belief Believing brilliantly – or at least better!

2) Energy Managing/releasing energy

3) Skills Gaining inter-personal skills/learning to be authentic

4) Presence Becoming ever more aware of NOW

5) Service Love!

This article hit mainly on energy and skill (and a little on the rest!)

Please click on the link below to read a snippet of the Upanishads (ancient scripture of India)

A Snippet of the Upanishads – Ancient Scripture of India