AVP: Alternatives To Violence Project

AVP Alternative To Violence ProjectAlternatives to Violence Project is an engaging and transformational community building process created in response to the Attica (prison) uprising by people incarcerated in prisons, Quakers & civil rights leaders.

It is constructed of engaging interactive activities arranged in specific ways to affirm, foster interpersonal skills, share power, build trust, encourage play: invite the life experience and wisdom of each participant forward… which ultimately facilitates a deeply bonded community!

The foundational concept of “Transforming Power,” something we all define for ourselves, opens us to the idea that a power is always available, to transform a moment, a dynamic… or an undervalued a life.

Enjoy Blaze Nowara’s video (about 15 minutes):

AVP: What We Do

What Is AVP?

It is an experiential program, helping people change their lives…. It is a community program, offering a new approach for ...
AVP Adaptations For Youth

AVP Adaptations for Youth

AVP and AVP-based adaptations have been transforming the lives of students too. A Youth Manual full of meaningful exercises is ...
AVP Alternatives To Violence

AVP Overview

WORLDWIDE PEACE IS POSSIBLE TODAY! The Alternatives to Violence Project is a multi-cultural volunteer organization that is dedicated to reducing ...
AVP Testimonials of Noelle Pollet

AVP: My Testimonials

The Alternatives to Violence Project Incarcerated Person initiated, Quaker and Civil Rights leader- fashioned circle process Grandiose Delusion? Grand Vision!!! ...

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