Believing Brilliantly

I ask guidance from my Source that what I write be helpful and not hurtful

Believing Brilliantly

Dear U(nicorn),

  Last night I joined a large group of people on a (free) conference call. 230 registered, and unregistered people were on it too. I’ve been on like-calls several times before.

The people sponsoring the call represent the “Oneness Movement,” which, from what I’ve gathered, actually grew out of “child’s play” in India. Some children were giving “deeksha” to some other children.

Deeksha (which may be misspelled) is believed to be a Divine blessing that carries an “umph” to help one on their journey to enlightenment. The giving of it used to be the rarest of events, but now, with help from a couple of Indian gurus (a man and woman), and their enormous following, anyone who wants to can receive deeksha, and even become a deeksha giver (this can be free for people too!) Their goal is to facilitate the awakening of a sleeping planet and thereby transition us into a hugely better state of existence. If you’d like to learn more, you can go to Oneness University and see what turns up.

The call I joined yesterday was hosted by an American named Kerry Chin.

This “way” isn’t my primary path or interest. But… it is lovely and each call ‘grows’ me. It’s non-denominational (people from all faiths are invited to use the God-connection they most relate to).

And it speaks Unicorn! Hundreds of thousands of people are involved, according to the spokespeople, and folks are “waking up” all over. Once we hit 70,000 enlightened, the collective consciousness will shift and voila, the Golden Millennium! (to cross prophecies…) This would all be considered very ‘grandiose’ by certain standards, huh!? Yet many apparently “sane” spokespeople of many faiths are saying similar things. [And like the t-shirt says: Don’t give up your grandiose delusions! Those are your goals!]

Furthermore everyone on the call, should they find themselves in the wrong psychiatrists office, would surely end up diagnosed with bi-polar! They’re all on bloomin’ roller coaster rides! (“roller coaster ride” comes up repeatedly!) Apparently the process of awakening involves a lot of energy movement that people interpret as suffering. It involves actually feeling(and thereby transforming) all the painful things we’ve buried through our lifetimes. And of course, it involves tastes of bliss that are the flip side of the coin… Sound familiar!!??? I like to think that we who navigate BIG energy have a unique place in all of this…

There are other paths… The Sedona Method for example, that may be more gentle for energy management – but I share this with you because I find the idea that we’re in the process of a grand transformation – a “happy ending to the show*” – a glorious beginning of a new way of being on this planet: hopeful! and believing it’s possible serves me. Listening to others who believe it reinforces the belief, and when you consider that “reality” as we currently live it is really just an agreed upon interpretation of events (“life sucks” being a common one), I’d rather agree upon a version that’s as grandiose and jolly as I can imagine!

I offer this miracle gift that I received when I was just starting to heal: “IF IT FEELS GOOD, BELIEVE IT!”

…& here is song to further illuminate (if you’re a musician and want me to hum a few bars, lemme know – as the songs are also miracle gifts I’d like to share broadly!):

*It’s time to believe…

It’s time to believe…

In the promise of your own heart

In the promise of the promises,

It’s time to believe!

No more reason to grieve,

If the promise is a good one…

Please believe, the promise IS a good one…

And maybe we’ll all go home…

What’re we waiting for? Another sad report?

Don’t worry, they’ll be comin’ in droves

Imagine what we see is just a fancy movie

And put a happy ending on the show!

Oh no, no no! We say: “I can’t believe…

In the promise of my own heart,

In the promise of the promises…

They’re too good to be true!

I have to see that the suffering is hopeless,

And the people are all helpless,

that’s what’s real to me!”

But can you be so sure?

When you ask if there is more?

And you feel that promise again!

Oh, dare to believe the best you can conceive!

It makes a better story in the end… my friend…

It’s time to believe…

In the promise of your own heart

In the promise of the promises…

it’s time to believe!

I love you and believe in you and can’t wait to feel the warmth from “that little light of yours!”