Find a Better Love

Find A Better Love Dear Source… Please let this message be Your message…

Find a Better Love

Dear U(nicorn),

Inside myself and outside, there are BIG TICKET events happening. Yesterday: a volcanic eruption in Argentina…. giant flooding in Missouri (on top of all the tornadoes), and Arizona on fire. I have no T.V. because I’m too prone to glue myself to it, and simply can’t process all the apparent horror of daily headlines. News comes through word of mouth or e-mails, and boy, oh boy, has there been a lot of it! Yet I’m glad to know… so I can care and pray as best I can.

Many people call these the “end times.” Others (whose beliefs serve me best) see it more as the “end of time;” (as we know it) a shift in human consciousness leading to recognition of our True State. A state so foreign (aka wonderful) in this upside-down world, that its accomplishment terrifies us! This state is a lived experience (in a body and/or out of a body) of Oneness with God and all Creation, ever present… eternally… NOW! The end of time! According to those who already live this way… and teachers who educate us through human “channels,” and maybe, even, your own lived experience, this state is too precious even to describe. Everything flows from Joy… The predominant state is Peace… what is required appears. For me, since God IS Love, something of this nature MUST be part of the plan.

We have “time” in the way we do, because we perceive we have needs. We feel fearful about our human survival… we don’t trust God. We don’t trust God because we don’t define ourselves accurately. “Created in the image of God” can’t mean we are our bodies because God is eternal and our bodies are not. If we’re not our bodies, then what are we? Are we Spirit? Are we creators, like our Creator? Are we and have we always been, part of the cause as well as the effect of our experience? If so, and even science is discovering the truth of this, it’s no wonder the world is in upheaval! Right now we’re in the mother of all learning curves!

The teachings I love put the responsibility for our experience squarely on our own shoulders. God IS the fulfillment of every wish and need. As rays to the sun, we are to our Source. All is available: Sourcing us, around us, in us, as us, and through us. If we lack, it’s because we’ve built obstacles, within ourselves to receiving and extending God’s bounty. We perceive limits and dangers which, if we knew who we truly were, wouldn’t exist. Humans have done such a fine job creating obstacles, as a whole, that our redemption seems all but impossible!

We need help in redefining ourselves as what we are and always were… God’s expression of Love! We need help with dismantling the lie that has turned us into hurt and hurtful victims of circumstance, and the world into hell.

Ask your heart… Can I, just for a moment, touch a depth of humility that is willing to, ”…lay at the altar of your heart with every breath, everything you think you know, everything you think you need, and look lovingly upon every place that fear has made a home in your mind, and allow correction to come. It will come. Regardless of how you experience it, it will come.” (from The Way of Mastery.)? This is my idea of what it takes… If you feel a willingness to pray for me, I could use the help!

For the “scary” all these catastrophes bring… the sense of “nowhere is safe” you may be experiencing (I am), I pass along something that helps me: My friend channels plants. One of the first times she realized plants talked to her was when she was weeding her garden and inadvertently pulled out something she’d planted. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” she cried, horrified. “Don’t worry… It’s all the same…” was the gentle, comforting, response she received, loud and clear.

…And (you guessed it!) another song!

Find a Better Love


With these eyes came the dawn of lies

For we seem apart, when we share one heart

With these hands we make our demands

Grabbing things to feed our imagined needs

With these lips we make all the slips

And we slide away on the things we say

With these legs we will bend and beg

Pleading for the power that was always ours… anyway…


Love doesn’t want us to cry

Love never told us a lie

Love didn’t make us to wither and fade

We ought to find a better love than the one we made!

With these minds we will plumb and climb

Fussing with the things that our judgment brings

With these dreams our salvation seems

To be just ahead until the day we’re dead

With these ties comes the big surprise

That our love bestowed has a price tag owed

With these gods we will be at odds

‘til we open wide to the Love inside … everyone…


Thank you again for motivating these efforts. You are an incredible gift to me! Anything you have to offer on how you are coping with the “apocalypse” or any other subject would be much appreciated by me and others. [Note: I recently learned apocalypse refers to “The lifting of the veil” Good news? Yes!!!] Love!

P.S. The “Essentials on my Journey” this article addresses are 1 & 4:

1) Belief Believing brilliantly – or at least better!

2) Energy Managing/releasing energy

3) Skills Gaining inter-personal skills/learning to be authentic

4) Presence Becoming ever more aware of NOW

5) Service Love!