Sharing (My) Spirit

Sharig My SpiritSharing Spirit – (…about the “Articles” on this site)

We who have experienced extraordinary states of consciousness are like Unicorns.

As we learn to navigate our energies, histories and thoughts, we have remarkable and magical gifts to offer the world!

As a thoroughly labeled Unicorn (including some BIG tickets: Schizophrenia, Manic Depression, Chronic Depression, PTSD, Lions & Tigers and Bears! Oh my!)… one who’s found her way clear of most of the associated symptoms and life-mess without prolonged use of medication, I offer some keys to the treasure from my sometimes mundane, sometimes magical journey:

The articles are passion-share arena and “soap box,” often pointing to one or more of these keys:

Readjustments of Perception

…believing better

Interpersonal-skill development

…learning to express myself honestly and receive feedback… somewhat… gracefully

Alternative Practices that Move Energy

…such as laughter yoga, Sedona Method, co-counseling and …interpersonal-skill development!


…becoming ever more aware of NOW!




…Faith:  Allow/Embrace/Trust/Transcend

***All of which, by the way, are intrinsic to or can be integrated into Peace Work! *** 

These are some basics that keep me smiling decades beyond this prognosis by an expert of the day:

“Noelle, you’ll be dead or hospitalized within six months if you ever try going off your medication!”

[NOTE: This has taken ongoing and  pronounced commitment and effort… 

…as well as some serious butterfly-net drama, if you catch my drift!]

My sacred journey to Unicorn status includes over 25 years as a volunteer for the Alternatives to Violence Project, a powerfully transformative interpersonal skill & community building process; a career as advocate, peer bridger, and educator working for peer-run organizations in the recovery movement; in-depth study of spiritual literature, most affecting being A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, Emmanuel, The Way of Mastery, and the works of Eckhart Tolle; support and love from all of the various nurturing circles in which I participate, friends, family, co-workers, heart-centered mental health providers, etc.; and an ever-deepening awareness of Source.

It is not the intention of the articles to promote a particular path to wellness…Everyone necessarily discovers their own! The intention is to interact with the Unicorn in you! To share and be shared with… What are those magical gifts you’re here to bestow? We need ‘em!!! What beliefs serve you? What alternatives are you experimenting with?

What wisdom bubbles up as you gain more and more mastery of yourself? What inspires your Love, passion or gratitude? Thank you in advance for your gifts and the gift you offer of receiving mine!

What does your heart make of this?: As we, individuals who struggle with the painful dance of extremes, find our balance, the whole of creation gratefully shifts into place. The time of the Unicorn is NOW!

Crazy, If You Like...

Crazy, If You Like…

Dear U(nicorn)... Something from a long time ago, and cherished... Crazy If You Like... Everything – all things – the cold, white tiles under my feet… the temperature of the water in the tub… the song that plays somewhere on ...
My Friend

My Friend

Dear Love… Write this pleaseMy Friend Dear U(nicorn), Each week the words have just poured out, and this week… I’m stuck!  Well that’s not precisely true… I’ve started four articles! – and gotten pretty darn far in two of them…  ...
Old Stone Wall

Old Stone Wall

Let this be You, coming through… Old Stone Wall Dear U(nicorn), Heaven is… Love is… I AM! Everything else is “the veil,” the dream… the grand distraction. That’s what I learn from every direction when I “seek.” Heaven, Love and ...
New Reality

A New Reality

Dear Love… Please be with me as I explore and offer You… A New Reality Dear U(nicorn), I’ve been volunteering as a facilitator for The Alternatives to Violence Project (A.V.P.) for close to 20 years. It’s a process developed by ...
Embracing Pain

Embracing Pain

I will to will Thy Will… Embracing Pain Dear U(nicorn), It’s not that I don’t value the stuff I wrote the last article… I believe every word! I just think it sounded like a lot of hot wind! (Except the ...
Find A Better Love

Find a Better Love

Dear Source... Please let this message be Your message… Find a Better Love Dear U(nicorn), Inside myself and outside, there are BIG TICKET events happening. Yesterday: a volcanic eruption in Argentina…. giant flooding in Missouri (on top of all the ...
Ride The Dragon

Riding the Dragon

Is there someone that I can Love, for you…? Riding the Dragon Dear U(nicorn), I shared last, that I had been experiencing BIG energies. I’m currently in the tail end of what I call: “a period of great receiving” (and ...
Allowing Love

Allowing Love

I ask my Source: Is there anything you want to communicate now? Allowing Love Dear U(nicorn), The answer I get is Love. Communicate only Love. How? What? On another of those “Oneness” calls the host mentioned a quote from their ...
Befriend All I've Rejected

Befriend All I’ve Rejected

Dear Source, Love your Creations through me! Befriend All I've Rejected Dear U(nicorn), I just reread my last posting and wanted to fess up! That writing made it sound like life is jolly every moment – one continual joy-buzz, and ...
River Treasure

River Treasure

I ask what to write to best serve those who find their way to these words (and myself) River Treasure Thank you, dear U(nicorn), ...for motivating this search inside me! I seem to be at my best when I’m tuning ...
Believing Brilliantly

Believing Brilliantly

I ask guidance from my Source that what I write be helpful and not hurtful Believing Brilliantly Dear U(nicorn),   Last night I joined a large group of people on a (free) conference call. 230 registered, and unregistered people were on ...
Beginning to Believe

Beginning to Believe

I ask guidance from my Source that only what serves Love is written here Beginning to Believe Dear U(nicorn), The goal here is to write something every week – in by Thursday -- and also respond to feedback in a ...

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