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Alternative Modes Of HealingAlternative Modes of Healing

More and more individuals are finding alternative ways to cope with &/or fully recover from severe symptoms of mental and emotional distress.

Even people with “big-ticket” labels like schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder (manic depression) are discovering ways to live full, healthy lives without medication or electro-shock.

This type of self-healing takes work!, often involving a life-long commitment to gaining skills and self-awareness. People who are succeeding will tell you, it’s well worth it!

*Note: Until you’re confident with a new discipline, it may be safest to use alternative modes of healing as an adjunct to care you’re already receiving.

Consider One or Several of the Following:
— and listen to your intuition! (Where your tailor-made answers reside!)

…* meditation * develop a support system * journaling
* full-spectrum lighting * homeopathy * working or volunteering * peer counseling (based on Re-Evaluation or Co-Counseling) * visualization * Ayurveda * alternative therapies (E.M.D.R., etc.) * mindfulness * peer support groups (12 Step & other formats) * martial arts * yoga * belief work (practice believing good things!) * diet/nutrition (macrobiotic, vitamin therapy, etc.) * various types of body work (Reiki, e.g.) * aromatherapy * exercise * forgiveness * focusing (getting to the feeling behind an issue) * exploring comforting spiritual ideas * drumming * energy release work (chakra balancing, Sedona Method, etc.) * biofeedback * laughter yoga * exploring available healing programs & tools (W.R.A.P., D.B.T., etc.) * engaging in enjoyable activity (events, play, hobbies, nature walks, art, etc.) * attention work (for dealing with voices)*…

*______________________________ (Your brilliant idea goes here!)

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Alternative Modes of Healing (pdf)

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Riding the Dragon

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