My Friend

Dear Love… Write this please

My Friend

Dear U(nicorn),

Each week the words have just poured out, and this week… I’m stuck!  Well that’s not precisely true… I’ve started four articles! – and gotten pretty darn far in two of them…  It’s just that they don’t seem to say…  Well, I’m judging they are stinky!

I just had an urge to go right to the “heart of the heart…” and that’s Love.  While the material I study says Love can’t be learned (it’s what we are!)  We can become aware of obstacles we’ve created to the awareness of Love’s presence and let them go.

Here’s a song I wrote about the one called Christ (also known as Jesus, and Jeshua Ben Joseph in his day and beyond…) He has been my primary teacher as author (channeled) of A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love (with two subsequent books: The Treatises and The Dialogs) and The Way of Mastery.    I know these are “fighting words” to people with certain beliefs and I apologize for upsetting anyone…  yet the writings are so healing, so logical, so Loving, so clarifying, so hope producing, so everything I could imagine wanting to believe in, and about God… (…and hey, they talked about a second coming!  It’s worth a peek!)

My Friend

My friend, when I’m lonely,

Meets me in a hiding place…

He enfolds me in his arms

And kisses tears away


My friend walked the same roads

He felt the pain I feel

So he understands and listens

And smiles while I heal


My friend, he is holy

And so am I, says he…

Oh, leads me from my sorrows

To a place that’s light and free

My friend, he rejoices

To see me comin’ home

Oh, he says we’re all connected

And the whole world comes along…



My friend…   My friend…

*                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *


A basic premise from A Course in Miracles is:

“Nothing real can be threatened,

Nothing unreal exists…

Herein lies the peace of God. 

It talks about a reference in the Bible to Adam falling asleep in the Garden of Eden… and that the Bible makes no mention of him ever waking up!


The dream Adam and the rest of us have been having ever since, is that we are our bodies – vulnerable and finite – and not the eternal chip off the old Divine Block, God, we are in Truth.  We are, the material describes, One with “Him” in the same way a wave is one with the ocean, All One, yet differentiated for a moment.  We are not, and never were, vulnerable in a dangerous world… we’re dreaming! We can and do dream up all manner of horror, yet when we wake up (which we can do while still in form!) we recognize our true, eternal nature and lose all fear.  Yahoo!  That’s a plan!

Many, many traditions are meeting on the common ground that these times are spectacular for one reason or another, and many suggest that these “end times” are the end of dreaming!

What a painless and God-perfect solution to the unholy mess we’ve made by believing in sin, suffering and death.


Take what you like – leave the rest… I’m so very, very grateful for an explanation that’s made my psychic warzone of a mind infinitely more peaceful.


Thank you again… this was the 5th try, and I’m satisfied. (I wouldn’t be banging around in here if it wasn’t for you!)  Please share your beliefs of Joy and comfort… your poems or songs… anything at all.  Love!

The “essentials” this touches on are:

1)       Believing Belief           brilliantly – or at least better!

2)       Energy                          Managing/releasing energy

3)       Skills                            Gaining inter-personal skills/learning to be authentic

4)       Presence                      Becoming ever more aware of NOW

5)       Service                         Love!

6)       Surrender                     Faith:  Allow/Embrace/Trust/Transcend