Old Stone Wall

Old Stone WallLet this be You, coming through…

Old Stone Wall

Dear U(nicorn),

Heaven is… Love is… I AM! Everything else is “the veil,” the dream… the grand distraction.

That’s what I learn from every direction when I “seek.”

Heaven, Love and God seem so very subtle… like baby’s breath in a seeming hurricane.

Yet the sensation, when I feel it, is everything.

A recent lesson from a founder of the Oneness University is:

The awakened One, whether does or does do… does not try.

The unawakened one, whether does or does not do… does try.

“My yoke is easy, my burden light…” and the thing about the lily, decked out so beautifully, through no effort of its own… are Biblical messages that speak to the same thing… a surrendering into trust.

Last night I dreamt I was having a merry (was it merry?) swim in the ocean. I could see the shore and was headed to it, when I encountered a solid (old) stone wall in my way. This was a concern. Would I have the strength to swim whatever distance I needed to, to get around it? Immediately “try mode” kicked in.

The real question is: Do I have the faith not to try? To allow, embrace, trust, transcend? (Repeatedly suggested in The Way of Mastery.)

My mom and dad were teenagers when I was born. In love and hungry for each other, which is a nice condition under which to be conceived, I think… yet definitely overwhelmed by the outcome (me!) I’ve spent 52 years trying to be pleasing, trying to show up in every way for every one… trying to earn my place in life, when some deep message lives on that I should never have been born…

That’s one solid (old) stone wall! And it’s tough to even imagine not trying. Yet letting go of that, even for moments… always brings the sweet breath of new life!

Here’s a song that touches the feelings –

Child of God

Tied up… Tied up with dying

and lonely at home…

Prideful her eyes are wide open

so many locks on her doors…

Movin’ on as the road rolls along

remind her, what was the point?

Shimmering… some far distant memory of fullness and joy… Fullness and JOY!

She don’t have to be afraid no more, she’s a child of God

She don’t have to run away no more, she’s a child of God

She don’t have to feel so wrong no more, she’s a child of God

She don’t have to act so strong no more, she’s a child of God

Tired… tired of lying

her dreams could fulfill

Striving, collecting the pieces

of an old broken toy

Bound up and small in the glory

of other’s applause

Somewhere deep in a cavern… Her heart senses Home…

Her heart senses HOME!

She don’t have to try so hard no more, she’s a child of God

She don’t have to break her heart no more, she’s a child of God

She don’t have to save on one no more, she’s a child of God

She don’t have to be alone no more, she’s a child of God

As I grow I encounter deeper and deeper levels of psychic “cecum.” Cecum (if I’m remembering the correct word) is the matter that builds up in our colons over years and years… Some remnant of the Hoagie you ate at the World’s fair in 1968 is in there, along with some cranberry sauce from that terrible Thanksgiving at aunt Paula’s house 15 years ago. It gets compacted, black and gooey like tar, and toxic! (Or so say the people that sell colonics!) This “try” thing seems just like that! Washing away cecum, in actuality, is simple… basically… warm water and gravity! I have a hunch that’s the case with my head stuff too… I’ve just been trying too hard! Any prayers are most appreciated… and please ask for yours!

Thank you again and BIG LOVE to you on your journey! We’re in this together!

The “essential” this touches on is: a new one!

1) Belief Believing brilliantly – or at least better!

2) Energy Managing/releasing energy

3) Skills Gaining inter-personal skills/learning to be authentic

4) Presence Becoming ever more aware of NOW

5) Service Love!

6) Surrender Faith: Allow/Embrace/Trust/Transcend!