Allowing Love

I ask my Source: Is there anything you want to communicate now?

Allowing Love

Dear U(nicorn),

The answer I get is Love. Communicate only Love. How? What? On another of those “Oneness” calls the host mentioned a quote from their guru: Something to the effect of “If we’re not helpless, God is helpless.”

I interpret this to mean (and so did the host, I think) that as long as I am defining precisely what’s needed for my healing and enlightenment – or maybe in all sorts of situations — I’m not open to the answers that are much BIGGER and more PERFECT than what I can see from my tiny vantage point! With God’s help I have access to All.

This reminds me and so… It’s time for another song! (It feels like Pee Wee’s Play House!)

Make Way

Busy, busy, busy making little tiny plans
Tiny little, little tiny plans
Full of this and that, and that and this, and this and that…
Little tiny, tiny little plans

Seeking my solutions in my little tiny plans
Busy, busy, tiny little plans
Striving here and there, and there and here, and here and there
Tiny little, little tiny plans


Clear your mind of all that stuff
And what comes through will be enough
To rocket you to Heaven,
Now that’s a plan!

Making little judgments to belittle and to judge
Means being littler and less than what I am
Condemning this and that, and that and this, and this and that
Makes for tiny, little, little tiny plans
Freaking out while peeking from our little points of view
Makes for tiny little, little me & you
Afraid of this and that, and that and this, and this and that…
Much too tiny and too little to be true


Look up from your hiding place
And smile right back into God’s face…
It’ll rocket you to Heaven
Now that’s a plan!!!

I’ve lately been in a little “scrum” with a friend or two. Scrum (I’ve been told) is what happens in a “rugby” game when the opposing teams jumble into one big pushing lump, each member trying to get the ball to move in the “right” direction. Why would I be pushing any “ball” to go where I want? Because I KNOW!!! what’s best, and where that ball belongs!!! (Of course!) The trouble seems to be that sometimes others are deluded into believing that they too, KNOW!!! (Poor misguided fools!)

Sometimes I may really have more insight and understanding in a situation, and actually be “right!” (Since getting healthier, I believe I have a clue a lot more of the time!) Yet… if that thing about making God helpless is true… those times may be particularly hazardous! If I’ve already got the answer, if I’m clearly “right,” what do I need God for???

Everything of True value, that’s what!

And P.S. If I place being “right” over the relationship, I’m in no position to receive the ‘Truly valuable’ gift that has nothing whatsoever to do with the scrum issue! (Which, I believe, may be the very reason the other doesn’t see things “right” in the first place!) The precious gift of experiencing we are all part of a Loving and Unified Whole. Nothing is “righter” than that!

In summation: Have you heard the expression “Do you want to be ‘right’ or happy?” For scrum situations the question has become, “Do I want to be right or experience Oneness?” Do I want to nurse my “right” answer and do all manner of manipulation to get the other person to see just how right I am? (And I am, dammit!) Or can I step into helplessness and allow God to show me the way to join with the other, so we both win… All? (And NOT damn it!)

Thank you again, dear U! Each time I do this writing I learn something new… I grow. That means you, the specific YOU that was in some way guided to this moment and is reading this NOW (we’re plugged in!!!), are a GREAT gift to me! An angel on my journey. I pray the reverse is true, too. I pray that something I’ve been led to write has helped you on yours! I love you,


*Note: In an earlier posting I mentioned these main areas of my healing… I notice none are distinct… they all inter-relate, affect the others, etc. This posting hit mainly on #1 & #3.

1) Belief Believing brilliantly – or at least better!
2) Energy Managing/releasing energy
3) Skills Gaining inter-personal skills/learning to be authentic
4) Presence Becoming ever more aware of NOW

P.S. Next AM…
Please let these words serve!

5) Service Love!

I woke up with #5! I’m flabbergasted that I missed it! See how good you are for me!?! It’s just like movie The Fifth Element: #5 is Love! Which is service. Loving serves the Whole.

Service of any kind your heart prompts… All acts of Love are opportunities for our Creative Source and essence to move though us and heal our wounded world. All impulses to do those acts are inspiration – Spirit (God – at One with our True nature) eagerly prompting from within… and that Love moving through heals us on its way out! And feels great doin’ it! This includes things as simple as a smile… but only when we feel a genuine impulse to smile! Otherwise that ain’t God, that’s bullsh*t! [I recall suppressing smiles because being “right” meant: “Life sucks, the world is a horror and I am a waste product!” To be steward of that invention, I had to look miserable! Ain’t that silly? Can you relate???]

If a smile’s too hard, at a moment in time, service might even be entertaining a sweet thought. The one that bubbles up, half unconscious, and says, “I like that person…” Dwell in that inspired place with that good feeling. Take a little longer getting back to, “But everyone sucks and that person must be trying to get something…” Even that little bit of positivity is service to the Whole. Of course moving mountains counts too, if that’s the inspiration and you’re up for it! The point is whatever way it moves through, Let Love Live… That’s the ultimate service.

Thank you again for providing me an opportunity to Love and learn!