RTP “Next Steps” (AVP/Peace Work Format)

RTP "Next Steps" (AVP/Peace Work Format)

Recovery to Practice:
Resources for Behavioral Health Professionals

Recovery to Practice Next Steps Curriculum

Who’s Teaching Who?

“Flipping the Classroom” for Peer Support Providers and Other Recovery Practitioners

Steve Harrington, [Former] Executive Director iNAPS
Rita Cronise, MS, ALWF, [Former] iNAPS Coordinator
Lisa Goodale, VP Peer Support Services, DBSA
Noelle Pollet, Founder, Peace Work

What is Next Steps?

Next Steps, developed in partnership by the International Association of Peer Supporters (iNAPS) and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), is a recovery-oriented practice curriculum that creates a space for peer support providers and professional colleagues to learn through an immersive experience. Participants from a variety of geographic, philosophical, training, lived experience, perspectives, and educational backgrounds come together to share the richness of their lived experiences. All involved learn with and from each other, while gaining practical skill in team building and collaboration to be applied in the workplace.

Flipping the Classroom Dynamic

In pilot tests, the typical classroom dynamic—expert trainers and non-expert learners— did not work well for peer support provider participants, who are all experts in their own unique recovery and practice of peer support.

So—we “flipped the classroom” so that facilitators guide a group immersion process (rather than teach), and participants share what they experience in the process (rather than passively listen). Next Steps creates a collaborative learning space where participants reflect upon their practice, contribute their ideas, and learn with and from each other.

Accessing the Next Steps Curriculum

The curriculum jump-started a series of free webinars, supported by Optum, that explore relevant topics requested by peer providers and those who champion the peer support movement. These free webinars provide peer supporters (many of whom cannot afford other options) a chance to receive free continuing education credit while interacting with some of the recognized ‘thought leaders’ in the field.

On-site facilitation is also available for interested organizations.

What is Recovery to Practice?

The Recovery to Practice Initiative (RTP), funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), began in 2009 with the mission to incorporate the vision of recovery into the concrete and everyday practice of mental health professionals in all disciplines.

The initial 5-year cycle of this initiative produced an online database of recovery resources, newsletters, and the development of discipline-specific workforce development curricula. In 2014, Recovery to Practice began exploring interdisciplinary approaches to building recovery-oriented skills across settings.

New resources, including multiple eLearning Modules, virtual learning events, clinical decision support tools, and a range of training and technical assistance opportunities, have been added to the existing Recovery to Practice offerings.

Recovery to Practice Curricula

Recovery to Practice supported the development of recovery-oriented practice curricula by six major behavioral health discipline associations, including Next Steps.

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