Resistant Meditator Tips

Resistant Meditator

Biography of a Resistant Meditator

• “Gee, meditation sure sounds like a good idea.”

5 years later-
• “Hmmm… a class on mediation. I might take it.”

2 years later –
• “That was a well spent afternoon! Great teacher!
I’m definitely gonna start meditating now!”

15 years later –
• “I can’t stand this!!! How is this not 5 minutes????!
Something must be wrong with this f***in’ timer!”

7 years later –
• “You know I actually like being in my own skin… When the heck did that happen???”


Tips from a Resistant Meditator
(Not to be confused w/real meditation instruction, but it’s been working for me!)

Start with less than 5 minutes on the timer!
• Build from there.
• Position yourself comfortably, but not so comfortably you fall asleep.
• Close your eyes. (Unless you’re doing walking meditation, then it’s best to keep them open.)
• If you want, pray on your intention for the time (i.e. “Please use this time for its most beneficial purpose.”) or read spiritual material beforehand.
• Attempt to stay present, in your body, experiencing what you experience (physical sensations, emotional sensations, etc.)
• Following your breathing, in and out, is useful.
• When your mind takes you on the 17 million tangents it will take you on… gently refocus your attention on your body/feelings/breathing.
• When amazing insights bubble up, giving you great clues into the mysteries of the Universe, acknowledge your gratitude and… gently refocus your attention on your body/feelings/breathing.
• Adjust your rear end if it starts to hurt. (This applies to other body parts as well.)
• Trust that the acute anxiety you feel initially (if you’re like me) – the horror of being alone and still within yourself — will diminish over time.
• Trust that the acute anxiety and horror will be replaced with a certain delicious yearning to spend time quietly in your own attentive company!
• Enjoy! (Well… as soon you start to…)

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